Bigg Boss 11 Day 17 Written Updates | Wednesday 18 Oct 2017

bigg boss 11 Written Updates day 17
bigg boss 11 Written Updates day 17
biggboss11 October 18, 201711:24 pm

So with this, the show ended. Wait for the tomorrow’s episode.

biggboss11 October 18, 201711:22 pm

All contestants planning to ignore the contestants in the jail.

biggboss11 October 18, 201711:21 pm

All contestants scolding Jyoti for laughing at all the situation.

biggboss11 October 18, 201711:20 pm

Arshi Khan abusing Hina Khan.

biggboss11 October 18, 201711:15 pm

Vikas came out of the jail with Arshi and Jyoti to steal the sweets.

Every contestant bursting out at Arshi, Vikas, and Jyoti.

Hina and Arshi got into a nasty fight again.

Where Arshi abused Hina Khan.

biggboss11 October 18, 201711:11 pm

Another letter came with sweets. All the contestants celebrated and wished everyone Happy Diwali to each other.

Everyone greeted each other.

biggboss11 October 18, 201711:09 pm

Luv confused about whom to trust.

Akash and Puneesh talking about Luv and his performance in the house.

Bigg Boss said to gather all the contestants in the living room to announce the results of Luxury Budget task.

Team Vikas won the Luxury Budget task and congratulated them for their victory.

Now they have to select 2 contestants whose performance will go to jail.

Puneesh told Bigg Boss that Arshi and Jyoti will be in the jail until Bigg Boss’s next announcement.

biggboss11 October 18, 201711:05 pm

Now all the contestants discussing about the task.

Bandagi and Puneesh discussing about Puneesh’s Married life and his personal life. She also told what Vikas said to Bandagi about Puneesh.

biggboss11 October 18, 201711:02 pm

Puneesh is absorbing all the cold water and all the things opposition team can throw at him.

Finally, he backed out from the task. All clapped for him for his superb performance.

biggboss11 October 18, 201710:54 pm

Task was paused for few minutes.

Again started as something went into his eyes.

biggboss11 October 18, 201710:52 pm

Now the second round of the Bigg Boss task starts from where it was left yesterday.

All contestants discussing about the task to be continued against all the opposition contestants.

All are ready with plans and motives.

Now the task starts with a gong.

Jyoti got out within few seconds.

Shilpa Gone.

Bandagi gone.

Arshi Khan also gone out.

Akash also gone.

Only Puneesh left

biggboss11 October 18, 201710:47 pm

Vikas playing mind games while sitting in the house controlling Luv and Akash.

Vikas also playing mind games with Bandagi. Telling her about Puneesh’s married life to Bandagi.

Arshi blaming Hina Khan for all the things going bad in the house.

biggboss11 October 18, 201710:44 pm

Hina, Shilpa and Bandagi helped Puneesh to cool down.

biggboss11 October 18, 201710:42 pm

Vikas and Mehjabi discussing about Akash.

Luv, Jyoti, Shilpa, Arshi were discussing the vote count held on Monday.

Luv and Puneesh discussion took to nasty fight. All the members helped them to cool down. Akash also jumped into the fight.

biggboss11 October 18, 201710:38 pm

Akash and Puneesh discussed the song and planned to get rid of the opposition team.

biggboss11 October 18, 201710:37 pm

Day 17 8:00 AM

Day started with A beautiful song of the movie Bajirao Mastani. All danced with full energy in the house.


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