Bigg Boss 11 Theme: Padosi (Neighbours) Revealed in Musical Way

Bigg Boss 11 Theme
Bigg Boss 11 Theme

Bigg Boss 11 Theme has been revealed by the one and only host of the show “Salman Khan”. Teaser of the most popular/hit/awaited reality show in Indian Television has been launched.

Bigg Boss 11 Theme
Bigg Boss 11 Theme

So today we will be sharing a bunch of news with all our viewers.

Let’s Start.

As usual, the love of Salman Khan for the show has been seen in the Teaser, where he sang a song. He also revealed Bigg Boss 11 theme with the help of the video.

We will be providing you the Bigg Boss 11 Teaser video below.

Bigg Boss 11 Theme ‘Padosi’ Song

The song which the famous actor adapted was “Gamle Mein Rehne Do” which turned out to be “Gamle Mein Rehne Do” as Bigg Boss 11 Theme. There were various characters or you can say “Padosi” in the video also. Indirectly or directly he tells us that what he wants from his ‘Padosi’ (Neighbours).

He also says that “Maine Apne Padosi Se Pyar Manga Hai, Sirf Pyar”. Which depicts love and care for his padosi.

Later he also shares his padosi’s tale of one of his padosi.

Bigg Boss 11 Theme Song Video


Here is the video which will tell you about Bigg Boss 11 Theme in detail.

Moreover, like the previous season, this season will also include Bigg Boss 11 Contestants (Celebrities and Commoners). It seems like in this Season contestants will be neighbours and the good ones. Rest is up to the Bigg Boss team and the selected contestants, who will entertain the Indian audience.

So this was all from our side. Hope you like it. If yes do share it on the sharing buttons provided below. You can also comment below and share your views, that how you liked the theme and if not then also why didn’t you like the theme. Till then enjoy reading Bigg Boss 11 Theme and do watch the video.



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