Bigg Boss 11 Nomination Special | Written Updates | Episodes

Bigg Boss 11 Nomination Special Written Updates Episodes
Bigg Boss 11 Nomination Special Written Updates Episodes

In this post, we will provide you full written updates of Bigg Boss 11 Nomination Special episode as well as the following days till Friday.

And this will repeat every Monday.

Similarly, we will do it for Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode.

Which will feature about Saturday and Sunday episodes which will include eviction process also.

So, get ready for this week’s updates.

Bigg Boss 11 Nomination Special | Day 15 | Monday

As usual, the day started a song.

Bigg Boss said all the Bigg Boss 11 contestants to gather in the living room. There he announced about the secret task given to the PADOSI. Where he said that they will have to face some difficulty because they lost the task by not getting successful in the secret task provided to them.

Now one of them will be evicted right now from the show.

And the decision will be taken by the rest of the contestants by breaking the flasks of the contestant you want to send out of the show.

Whenever the gong rings after a particular time interval every contestant will break a flash with a reason to vote out one of the padosi.

As Lucinda got maximum votes as compared to luv, she got evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss 11 Eviction
Bigg Boss 11 Eviction

When Lucinda got evicted everyone thought that this is it for today. But Bigg Boss came with something new. The nominations actually started after the eviction of Lucinda.

Vikas Gupta was safe as he was the captain of the house.

The first Captain (Vikas Gupta) got a power to select 7 people whom he wants to get nominated for this week.

Bigg Boss 11 Nominations
Bigg Boss 11 Nominations

He nominated 7 contestants and they were as follows: –

  1. Sapna Chaudhary
  2. Shilpa Shindey
  3. Hina Khan
  4. Puneesh
  5. Mehjabi Sidiqui
  6. Luv
  7. Akash Dadlani

Now rest of the contestants has to nominate 2 contestants each from these 7 contestants nominated by Vikas Gupta.

All the contestants Voted with reasons. There were 5 contestants who were nominated out of 7 by rest of the contestants. And they were: –

  1. Hina Khan
  2. Sapna
  3. Puneesh
  4. Luv
  5. Akash

After the nominations, Akash and Puneesh got out of there mind and shouted a lot in the show.

Bigg Boss 11 Nomination Special | Day 16 | Tuesday

A new day began with past memories. Akash and Puneesh went mad at Captain (Vikas Gupta). Which converted into a fight between Vikas and Puneesh.

Then a task was assigned in which the house contestants were divided into 2 teams. Team 1’s captain was Vikas and Team 2’s Captain was Puneesh.

Team Vikas included: –

  1. Vikas
  2. Sapna
  3. Hiten
  4. Hina
  5. Sabyasachi
  6. Mehjabi
Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates
Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates

And Team Puneesh Included: –

  1. Puneesh
  2. Akash
  3. Luv
  4. Bandagi
  5. Jyoti
  6. Shilpa

The task was to use anything to remove opponent’s body backward without being physical.

Firstly, Vikas got hurt in his eyes when luv threw a bucket of water with full force on his face. Then he was sent to confession room where a doctor came and gave first aid to Vikas Gupta.

In between, we saw a good relationship building between Vikas and Shilpa. They hugged also to resolve their previous issue.

Then Team Puneesh targeted Benafsha, later she was also removed from her place by the opponents.

Then Sapna, Mehjabi, Hiten and last one was Hina Khan. She gave a tough fight to stay there for the maximum time she could. But lost the grip in the end.

After that Bigg Boss announced to gather in the living room for the announcement.

Bigg Boss announced that Vikas Gupta is removed from the Captain’s position and instead Puneesh will be the next captain from right now. Bigg Boss also said that Vikas will never become a captain in this year’s entire season.

Now Puneesh is the new captain of the house.

We also saw some love in between Puneesh and Bandagi.

So this was all for today. Share this by the sharing buttons provided. Till then wait for tomorrow’s written updates.


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